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Astrophysics, mathematics, medicine… EDP Sciences is a respected and well-known publisher of books, journals and conference proceedings, but have you ever wondered how EDP Sciences started? How was Marie Curie involved?

The new EDP Sciences short story video provides a fascinating insight into the history of the organisation and its present-day activities. Take a walk through time with Madame Curie to meet those who have helped shape our organisation. They include Nobel Prize winners and recipients of other prestigious awards. From the start, EDP Sciences has embraced innovation and now leads important initiatives in open access and open science and actively supports early career researchers. Marie Curie and her founding colleagues would be proud of the developments and achievements since 1920 and would be happy in the knowledge that their pioneering spirit is still very much in evidence.

The 4open journal is currently looking for a volunteer PhD student or early career professional to assist in the management of the 4open Twitter account @4openjournal.

4open is a multidisciplinary open access journal that was launched by EDP Sciences in 2017 focussing on life sciences and medicine, chemistry, physics and mathematics. As the journal is attracting more submissions and generating more content, we would appreciate the help of an engaged individual who is interested in gaining experience in the academic publishing industry, and who wants a better insight into how a professional global publisher works.

This is the first free article in the new ‘Key summaries’ series from 4open. The article offers an easy to understand version of “Visual gene network analysis of aging-specific gene co-expression in human indicates overlaps with immuno-pathological regulations” by Bibhu Parida et al., published in 4open in 2018, which examines the complex process of aging to identify a set of candidate genes that are involved in organism aging processes, using a microarray meta-analysis approach.

The ‘Key summaries’ article uses non-technical language and provides definitions to help non-experts understand, in this instance, “What happens to our bodies as we age, and why?”.

Using publicly available datasets, researchers have found that genes involved in infections and inflammatory responses are highly expressed with age, suggesting links between infection/inflammation and the ageing process."

Read the ‘Key summaries’ article - “Researchers use open-access genetic data to reveal a unique picture of ageing”

Read the original article - “Visual gene network analysis of aging-specific gene co-expression in human indicates overlaps with immuno-pathological regulations

4open, the multidisciplinary, open access journal that publishes all types of articles, from different fields in natural sciences, technology, and medicine, is pleased to announce a new partnership with SciencePOD to make the journal’s topical scientific content available to a wider audience.

4open continues to develop with its first article published in mathematics. The article: "More of algebraic properties of the discrete Fourier transform raising and lowering operators" by Mesuma Atakishiyeva et al. is the first article in the "Difference & Differential Equations and Applications" Special Issue resulting from the ICNAAM 2018 conference.

Paris France, 20 February 2019. The Learning Center of Université Paris-Saclay strengthened its innovative approach to research dissemination by launching a new series of masterclasses on scientific writing for PhD students and young researchers, in partnership with scientific publisher EDP Sciences. Fifteen PhD students from various doctoral schools of the university attended the first masterclass on February 12 and 13.

This follows a masterclass organized at the end of 2017, and a day devoted to scientific publication in the field of physics earlier this month.

Happy Chinese New Year from EDP Sciences!
Warm thanks and greetings to all our Chinese Authors, Editors and Partners!

EDP Sciences科学传播出版社 谨贺 新春大吉

Paris, France 18 December 2018. Astronomy & Astrophysics (A&A) the international Journal that publishes papers on all aspects of astronomy and astrophysics and one of the leading journals in its field, has signed a two-year transformative Open Access agreement with the Max Planck Society in Germany. Under this agreement, funds previously paid by the Max Planck Digital Library for subscriptions will, instead, be converted into a publishing fund, enabling corresponding authors from the Max Planck Institutes to publish their articles open access in A&A, and at the same time, granting access to the journal’s content to all Max Planck researchers.

Are you a first time academic research conference organiser looking for an Open Access platform to publish your proceedings?

Have you been through the process already but are looking for a more streamlined workflow for your next event, or more discoverability for your proceedings once they are published?

Web of Conferences can help and the team have created a useful illustration of the most frequently asked questions to show how serious they are about getting you to the finish line quickly and efficiently.

As an international publisher with nearly a century of history in publishing only the highest quality science EDP Sciences knows that there can be many obstacles along the way and is ready to help you overcome them. Highly personal service ensures that the team stands out from other providers, working with conference organisers to achieve optimal discoverability and recognition for their members' work.

View the full cartoon here

Web of Conferences is an EDP Sciences Open Access platform devoted to the publication of scientific conference proceedings. The platform offers high quality services for the publication and dissemination of conference proceedings in the areas of Physics and Astronomy, Engineering and Technology, Health Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Computer Sciences.

4open - EDP Sciences’ multi- and inter-disciplinary Open Access Journal - continues to expand with the publication of its first article in chemistry. The article – “Characterization and modelling of the polarization phenomenon to describe salt rejection by nanofiltration” by Yassine Mdemagh et al. is free to access on the 4open website.

Presenting a new model to determine the thickness of the polarization’s boundary layer and the concentration of polarization, this article explores the application of dead-end filtration to the concept of nanofiltration used in water treatment.

4open is published by EDP Sciences under the auspices of the Société Française de Physique, and in partnership with Theodor-Billroth-Academy® & Int’l Consortium of Research Excellence of the TBA®.

The Journal encourages submissions in the fields of natural sciences, medicine and technology, including material sciences and engineering.

Visit the 4open website to read the instructions for authors and submit your article.